Be STO Expert in your Neighbourhood

Formation of new STO Team of Experts in Your neighbourhood.
You Become STO front office.…we will be your back office.


Take maximum advantage of our STO Knowledge Support Team. has been a pioneer in the field of Service Tax. Imparting in depth knowledge and expertise on this complex subject has been the forte of the Team STO. Market research have revealed that thousands of professionals are depending on this 24 X 7 ultimate destination on Service Tax issues.

• Online consultancy provided by is another area which has helped the industry and trade in tiding over their Service Tax issues.

• In the year 2013 we have decided to expand the horizon by inviting participation of like minded individuals/firms/corporates to be a part of this one stop destination on Service Tax. We, at understand that the Service Tax laws have a direct bearing even on the rural India and have also realised the need to have an STO Certified expert in every city, town and village of our Country. With GST expected to be launched in near future, the prevailing confusion leading to the need for expert advise in the field of indirect taxation is expected to multiply.

• invites applications from all those who have been practising and providing consultancy in the field of Service Tax/Customs/Central Excise for enrolling as a STO Certified Expert on mutually beneficial terms and conditions.

• The key is that our knowledge support team comprising of experts in the field of indirect taxes will be at your disposal. As you are aware that Service Tax is a complex subject, hence you may have come across various opportunities or work where you felt that you are not service tax expert and you might have to let that work go to another person. This is where you will need this STO Knowledge Support Team.

• can help you become our front office with expert advice and our support from back-office and an easy access of the huge information at our disposal.

• All you need is to just send us your City of practice and No of years of practice. Fill in the form below and send us to


(word file downloadable)



Date: 26-05-2018