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CGST Act IGST Act UTGST Act GST (Compensation to the States) Act Addendum to the GST Rate Schedule - 03.06.2017 101st Constitution Amendment Act, 2016 Addendum to the GST Rate Schedule - 18.05.2017 GST Compensation Cess Rates Decided in the GST Council Meeting held on 18.05.2017 Chapter Wise Rate wise GST Schedule - 03.06.2017 Chapter wise GST Rate Schedule for Goods Decided in the GST Council Meeting held on 18.05.2017 Revised Threshold for Composition Scheme - 11.06.2017 IGST Exemptions Approved by the GST Council - 11.06.2017 GST Rates Approved by the GST Council - 11.06.2017 Service Tax Exemptions in GST IGST Exemption, Concession List - 03.06.2017 Composition - Rules Valuation Rules ITC - Rules Invoice, Debit & Credit Notes - Rules Payment - Rules Refund - Rules Registration - Rules Return- Rules Transition Rules Proposed CTD Document Accounts and Record Rules GST rate Schedule for Services List of Services under Reverse Charge Classification Scheme for Services Under GST Decisions Taken by the GST Council in the 16th Meeting - 11.06.2017
GST - Notification & Circulars

GST - Notification

Central Tax

66-2017-Central Tax, dt. 15-11-2017

65-2017-Central Tax, dt. 15-11-2017

64-2017-Central Tax, dt. 15-11-2017

63-2017-Central Tax, dt. 15-11-2017

62-2017-Central Tax, dt. 15-11-2017

61-2017-Central Tax, dt. 15-11-2017

60-2017-Central Tax, dt. 15-11-2017

59-2017-Central Tax, dt. 15-11-2017

58-2017-Central Tax, dt. 15-11-2017

57-2017-Central Tax, dt. 15-11-2017

56-2017-Central Tax, dt. 15-11-2017

55-2017-Central Tax, dt. 15-11-2017

54-2017-Central Tax, dt. 30-10-2017

53-2017-Central Tax, dt. 28-10-2017

52-2017-Central Tax, dt. 28-10-2017

51-2017-Central Tax, dt. 28-10-2017

50-2017-Central Tax, dt. 24-10-2017

49-2017-Central Tax, dt. 18-10-2017

48-2017-Central Tax, dt. 18-10-2017

47-2017-Central Tax, dt. 18-10-2017

46-2017-Central Tax, dt. 13-10-2017

45-2017-Central Tax, dt. 13-10-2017

44-2017-Central Tax, dt. 13-10-2017

43-2017-Central Tax, dt. 13-10-2017

42-2017-Central Tax, dt. 13-10-2017

41-2017-Central Tax, dt. 13-10-2017

40-2017-Central Tax, dt. 13-10-2017

39-2017-Central Tax, dt. 13-10-2017

38-2017-Central Tax, dt. 13-10-2017

37-2017-Central Tax, dt. 04-10-2017

36-2017-Central Tax, dt. 29-09-2017

35-2017-Central Tax, dt. 15-09-2017

34-2017-Central Tax, dt. 15-09-2017

33-2017-Central Tax, dt. 15-09-2017

32-2017-Central Tax, dt. 15-09-2017

31-2017-Central Tax, dt. 11-09-2017

30-2017-Central Tax, dt. 11-09-2017

29-2017-Central Tax, dt. 05-09-2017

28-2017-Central Tax, dt. 01-09-2017

27-2017-Central Tax, dt. 30-08-2017

26-2017-Central Tax, dt. 28-08-2017

25-2017-Central Tax, dt. 28-08-2017

24-2017-Central Tax, dt. 21-08-2017

23-2017-Central Tax, dt. 17-08-2017 

22-2017-Central Tax, dt. 17-08-2017 

21-2017-Central Tax, dt. 08-08-2017

20-2017-Central Tax, dt. 08-08-2017

19-2017-Central Tax, dt. 08-08-2017

18/2017-Central Tax, dt. 08-08-2017

 17/2017-Central Tax, dt. 27-07-2017

16/2017-Central Tax, dt. 07-07-2017

Corrigendum Dated 10-07-2017 - Central Tax

15/2017-Central Tax, dt. 01-07-2017

14/2017-Central Tax, dt. 01-07-2017

13/2017-Central Tax, dt. 28-06-2017

12/2017-Central Tax, dt. 28-06-2017

11/2017-Central Tax, dt. 28-06-2017

10/2017-Central Tax, dt. 28-06-2017

09/2017-Central Tax, dt. 28-06-2017

08/2017-Central Tax, dt. 27-06-2017

07/2017-Central Tax, dt. 27-06-2017

06/2017-Central Tax, dt. 19-06-2017

05/2017-Central Tax, dt. 19-06-2017

04/2017-Central Tax, dt. 19-06-2017

03/2017-Central Tax, dt. 19-06-2017

02/2017-Central Tax, dt. 19-06-2017

01/2017-Central Tax, dt. 19-06-2017

Central Tax (Rate)

47-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 14-11-2017

46-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 14-11-2017

45-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 14-11-2017

44-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 14-11-2017

43-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 14-11-2017

42-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 14-11-2017

41-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 14-11-2017

40-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 23-10-2017

39-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 18-10-2017

38-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

37-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

36-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

35-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

34-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

33-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

32-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

31-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 29-09-2017

30-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

29-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 22-09-2017

28-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 22-09-2017

27-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 22-09-2017

26-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 21-09-2017

25-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 21-09-2017

24-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 21-09-2017

23-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 22-08-2017

22-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 22-08-2017

21-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 22-08-2017

20-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 22-08-2017

19-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 18-08-2017

18-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 30-06-2017

17-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

16-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

15-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

14-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

13-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

12-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

11-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

Annexure - Dated 28-06-2017

10-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

09-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

08-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

07-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

06-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

05-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

04-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

03-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

02-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

01-2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017 

Integrated Tax

12-2017-Integrated Tax, dt. 15-11-2017

11-2017-Integrated Tax, dt. 13-10-2017

10-2017-Integrated Tax, dt. 13-10-2017

09-2017-Integrated Tax, dt. 13-10-2017

08-2017-Integrated Tax, dt. 14-09-2017

07-2017-Integrated Tax, dt. 14-09-2017

06-2017-Integrated Tax, dt. 28-06-2017

05-2017-Integrated Tax, dt. 28-06-2017

04-2017-Integrated Tax, dt. 28-06-2017

03-2017-Integrated Tax, dt. 28-06-2017

02-2017-Integrated Tax, dt. 19-06-2017

01-2017-Integrated Tax, dt. 19-06-2017

Integrated Tax (Rate)

50-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 14-11-2017

49-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 14-11-2017

48-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 14-11-2017

47-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 14-11-2017

46-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 14-11-2017

45-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 14-11-2017

44-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 14-11-2017

43-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 14-11-2017

42-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 27-10-2017

41-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 23-10-2017

40-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 18-10-2017

39-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

38-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

37-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

36-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

35-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

34-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

33-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

32-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

31-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 29-09-2017

30-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 22-09-2017

29-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 22-09-2017

28-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 22-09-2017

27-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 22-09-2017

26-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 21-09-2017

25-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 21-09-2017

24-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 21-09-2017

23-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 22-08-2017

22-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 22-08-2017

21-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 22-08-2017

20-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 22-08-2017

19-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 18-08-2017

18-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 05-07-2017

17-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 05-07-2017

16-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 30-06-2017

15-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 30-06-2017

14-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

13-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

12-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

11-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

10-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

09-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

08-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

07-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

06-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017 

05-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017 

04-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017 

03-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017 

02-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017 

01-2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

Union Territory Tax

17-2017-Union Territory Tax, dt. 24-10-2017

16-2017-Union Territory Tax, dt. 13-10-2017

15-2017-Union Territory Tax, dt. 30-06-2017

14-2017-Union Territory Tax, dt. 30-06-2017

13-2017-Union Territory Tax, dt. 30-06-2017

12-2017-Union Territory Tax, dt. 30-06-2017

11-2017-Union Territory Tax, dt. 30-06-2017

10-2017-Union Territory Tax, dt. 30-06-2017

09-2017-Union Territory Tax, dt. 30-06-2017

08-2017-Union Territory Tax, dt. 30-06-2017

07-2017-Union Territory Tax, dt. 30-06-2017

06-2017-Union Territory Tax, dt. 30-06-2017

05-2017-Union Territory Tax, dt. 30-06-2017

04-2017-Union Territory Tax, dt. 30-06-2017

03-2017-Union Territory Tax, dt. 28-06-2017

02-2017-Union Territory Tax, dt. 27-06-2017

01-2017-Union Territory Tax, dt. 21-06-2017

01-2017-Union Territory Tax, dt. 21-06-2017 hindi 

Union Territory Tax (Rate)

40-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 23-10-2017

39-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 18-10-2017

38-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

37-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

36-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

35-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

34-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

33-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

32-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

31-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

30-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 29-09-2017

29-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 22-09-2017

28-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 22-09-2017

27-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 22-09-2017

26-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 21-09-2017

25-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 21-09-2017

24-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 21-09-2017

23-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 22-08-2017

22-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 22-08-2017

21-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 22-08-2017

20-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 22-08-2017

19-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 18-08-2017

18-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 30-06-2017

17-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

16-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

15-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

14-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

13-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

12-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

11-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

Corrigendum - dated 30-06-2017

10-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

09-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

08-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

07-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

06-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

05-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

04-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

03-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

02-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

01-2017-Union Territory Tax (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

Compensation Cess

01-2017-Compensation Cess, dt. 28-06-2017 

Compensation Cess (Rate) 

07-2017-Compensation Cess (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

06-2017-Compensation Cess (Rate), dt. 13-10-2017

05-2017-Compensation Cess (Rate), dt. 11-08-2017

04-2017-Compensation Cess (Rate), dt. 11-08-2017

03-2017-Compensation Cess (Rate), dt. 18-07-2017

02-2017-Compensation Cess (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

Corrigendum dated 01-07-2017- Compensation Cess (Rate)

01-2017-Compensation Cess (Rate), dt. 28-06-2017

Corrigendum dated 30-06-2017 - Compensation Cess (Rate)

Circulars & Orders


Circular No. 19-2017 - 20-11-2017-CGST

Circular No. 18-2017 - 16-11-2017-CGST

Order No. 10-2017 - 15-11-2017-CGST

Order No. 09-2017 - 15-11-2017-CGST

Circular No. 17-2017 - 15-11-2017-CGST

Circular No. 16-2017 - 15-11-2017-CGST

Circular No. 15-2017 - 06-11-2017-CGST

Circular No. 14-2017 - 06-11-2017-CGST

Order No. 08-2017 - 28-10-2017-CGST

Order No. 07-2017 - 28-10-2017-CGST

Order No. 06-2017 - 28-10-2017-CGST

Order No. 05-2017 - 28-10-2017-CGST

Circular No. 13-2017 - 27-10-2017-CGST

Circular No. 12-2017 - 26-10-2017-CGST

Circular No. 11-2017 - 20-10-2017-CGST

Circular No. 10-2017 - 18-10-2017-CGST

Circular No. 09-2017 - 18-10-2017-CGST

Order No. 01-2017 - 13-10-2017-Central Tax

Circular No. 08-2017 - 04-10-2017-CGST

Order No. 04-2017 - 29-09-2017-CGST

Order No. 03-2017 - 21-09-2017-CGST

Order No. 02-2017 - 18-09-2017-CGST

Circular No. 07-2017 - 01-09-2017-CGST

Circular No. 06-2017 - 27-08-2017-CGST

Circular No. 05-2017 - 11-08-2017-CGST

Order No. 01-2017 - 21-07-2017-CGST

Circular No. 04-2017 - 07-07-2017-CGST

Circular No. 03-2017 - 05-07-2017-CGST

Circular No. 02-2017 - 04-07-2017-CGST

Circular No. 01-2017 - 26-06-2017-CGST 


Circular No. 01-2017-07-07-2017-IGST

Circular No. 02-2017-27-09-2017-IGST

Compensation Cess

Circular No. 01-2017- Dated. 26-07-2017-Compensation Cess





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