Sr. No. 65(105) Nature of Service
1 p Architect Services
2 zzzr Auctioneer Services (In relation to Immovable Property)
3 zzq Commercial and Industrial Construction Services
4 zzzh Construction of Complex Services
5 zzzb Dredging Services
6 zzzza Execution of Works Contract Service
7 d General Insurance Business (In relation to Immovable Property)
8 q Interior Decorator Services
9 m Mandap Keeper's Services
10 zzzy Mining Services
11 v Real Estate Consultancy Services
12 zzzz Renting of Immovable Property Services
13 zzza Site Formation and Clearance, Excavation and Earthmoving and Demolition Services
14 zzzc Survey and Map Making Services (other than Government ) (In relation to Immovable Property)


Date: 26-05-2018