Sr. No. 65(105) Nature of Service
1 e
Advertisement Agency Services
2 zzzzc Asset Management Services
3 zzzr Auctioneer Services (other than relating to Immovable Property)
4 zzzk Automated Teller Machine Services
5 zm Banking and other Financial Services
6 zk Broadcasting Services
7 zzb Business Auxiliary Services
8 zzzq Business Support Services
9 zs Cable Operatior Services
10 s Chartered Accountant's Services
11 u Company Secretary's Services
12 g Consulting Engineer Services
13 t Cost Accountant's Services
14 zzzw Credit Card and other Payment Card Services
15 zzzzd Design Services
16 zzzzb Development and Supply of Content Services
17 zzk Foreign exchange Broker Services
18 zze Franchise Services
19 d General Insurance Business (other than relating to Immoveable Property)
20 zzzze Information Technology Software Services
21 zl Insurance auxiliary services in relation to General Insurance
22 zy Insurance auxiliary services relating to Life Insurance
23 zzr Intellectual Property Services
24 zzzu Internet Telecommunication Services
25 zx Life Insurance Services
26 zzzg Mailing List Compilation and Mailing Services
27 r Management Consultancy Services
28 k Manpower recruitment and supply agency
29 zh On-line Information or Database Access or Retrieval Services
30 zzu Programme Production Services ( Radio and Television )
31 zzzs Public Relations Services
32 zz Rail Travel Agent Services
33 zzzl Recovery Agent Services
34 zzzi Registrar to an Issue Services
35 zzzm Sale of Space or Time for Advertisement Services
36 za Scientific and Technical Consultancy Services
37 zzzj Share Transfer Agent Services
38 zzzt Ship Management Services
39 zzzn Sponsorship Services
40 zzzzj Supply of Tangible Goods for use Service
41 zzzc Survey and Map-making  Services (other than relating to Immovable Property)
42 zzzx Telecommunication Services
43 zzz Transport of goods (other than water) through Pipeline or other Conduit Services
44 zzzzf ULIP Investment Management Services


Date: 26-05-2018