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New exemptions for,- (a) Precondition, pre-cooling, ripening, waxing, retail packing, labeling of fruits and vegetables (b) Service by a Common Effluent Treatment Plant operator (c) Varistha Bima Yojana (d) Ambulance services (e) Admission to a museum, zoo, national park, wild life sanctuary, and a tiger reserve (f) Service provided by exhibitor of movie to a distributor or an AOP consisting of exhibitor as one of its member (g)Transport of export goods by road from the place of removal to a laChange in abatement rates and conditions thereof for transport of passengers and goods by train; transport of goods by road by a GTA; transport of goods by vessels; executive/business class travel by air; and withdrawal of abatement on services provided in relation to chit, with immediate effect (from 1.4.2015) Amendment in reverse charge mechanism, with immediate effect (from 1.4.2015) To prescribe full reverse charge on manpower supply and security service provided by individual, HUF, partnership firm to a body corporate, with immediate effect (from 1.4.2015) Prescribing reverse charge on service provided by a mutual fund agent, mutual fund distributor and agents of lottery distributor, with immediate effect (from 1.4.2015)Amendment in rule 4(7) of the Cenvat Credit Rules to allow credit of service tax paid by recipient of service in partial reverse charge immediately on payment of tax ,with immediate effect (from 1.4.2015)Service Tax to be levied on service by way of access to amusement facility (amusement parks, water parks , theme parks etc)Service Tax rate is increased from 12.36% to 14%. New rate shall come into effect after the enactment of the Finance Bill, 2015. Notification No. 42/2012-ST is being rescindedSwachh Bharat Cess- Govt. to impose cess on all or any taxable service at the rate of 2% of the value of taxable serviceWe are committed to implementing a state of the art indirect tax system, the Goods and Services Tax, from April 1, 2016 - Finance Minister
Download Service Tax Form
Application for Service Tax Registration Form ST-1  
Certificate of Service Tax Registration Form ST-2  
Return of Service Tax Form ST-3  
Return of Service Tax (Excel Utility)
Form ST-3
Memorandum for Provisional Deposit of Service Tax Form ST-3A    
Service Tax Appeal before Commissioner (Appeals) Form ST-4  
Service Tax Appeal before Appellate Tribunal u/s 86 Form ST-5    
For Memorandum of Cross-Objections to the Appellate Tribunal Form ST-6    
Service Tax Appeal before Appellate Tribunal u/s 86(2) or u/s 86(2A) Form ST-7    
For Payment of Service Tax (Mandatory from 01/04/2007) GAR-7 (Challan)    
For Payment of Service Tax (old) Form TR-6 (Challan)    
Application for Advance Ruling (Service Tax) Form - AAR (ST)    
Application for filing a claim of rebate of service tax and cess paid on taxable services exported Form ASTR-1    
Application for filing a claim of rebate of duty paid on inputs, service tax and cess paid on input services Form ASTR-2    
Application for refund of CENVAT credit
Form A    
Application for claiming Refund of Service Tax
Form A-1    
Declaration to be given by merchant exporter under Clause 2(c)
Form A-2    
Form for refund of service tax in relation to a Special Economic Zone 






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